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I am currently a seminary student at the King’s University. I know that God is Merciful, Faithful, and Just. I want to convince people who don’t believe this yet; that the God of Israel and the Nations is the only true God, and Jesus Christ, his Son is our Lord and Savior because of his death on the cross. Now resurrected, Jesus is exalted above all powers and authority and is supreme! One day he will return in glory to judge the world and fulfill the promises to Israel. We will be included in the family of God by his grace and mercy. Those who believe in him will not be disappointed or ashamed in the end. Become a disciple of Jesus just as the 12 disciples of Jesus did in the Bible and be reborn by the Spirit of God into the family of the Messiah. If you haven’t experienced God, please use whatever resources on its site to find out more. Don’t forget to check out my Podcast.

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Early Christians used to meet in synagogues. These were Messianic Jewish believers connected directly or indirectly to the Jesus movement... read more